Einhorn's Epic Cookies

EEP builds heroic franchise IPs for the future of media, architecting innovative approaches to storytelling, distribution, and fan engagement to meet the shifting needs of the media marketplace.

Our integrated business/creative philosophy gives us a strategic advantage over our competitors and our focus on high-quality, high-concept content for kids and adults creates opportunities for best-in-class partnerships.

The EEP executive team is comprised of media professionals who have worked on internationally recognized brands including Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Justice League, Peanuts, Adventure Time, and Care Bears. Collectively, we’ve spent over forty years honing our skills at high-profile companies like DC Entertainment, Legendary Pictures, Paramount Pictures, CBS Interactive, IPG MediaBrands, Studio 8, and WME.



Einhorn literally translates to “unicorn,” and unicorns are exactly what we strive to create—one-of-a-kind properties supported by a never-before-seen coalition of partners.